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To provide a community of magic that keeps the art of magic alive.


Abney's Magic Shop is a company that does more than sells magic.  It is a family owned company of performing artists that aim towards a community that brings magic to life through teaching, coaching, and sharing the art of magic.  

Our philosophy- Every customer leaves with the confidence to perform magic.  We give our own expert tips and secrets for new and experienced magicians to take with them.  Our goal with our guests is to assure they leave knowing the value of the product they purchase and the power of the secret it holds.    

A Veteran owned and operated family business, the Abney Family instills traditional moral and family values that make the Abney's Magic Shop a welcoming place for people to visit and promotes a sense of community.   

"We're not just a magic shop, we are a hub for all magicians to share the passion.  Our community deserves a place for kids and adults to learn a skill that builds self-esteem and confidence.  Anyone can do a magic trick, but it takes a magician to perform it and make people believe in the magic.  That's why we are here."  

-MaryJo Abney, Owner

We Support our Troops

As a veteran owned and operated family business, we strive to pay it forward to service members, their families, and fellow veterans.

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We salute you!  HOOAH!